Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary

Place : Thrissur District, Kerala
Nearest town : Amballoor Town (12kms)

Best time to visit : April and June
Significance : Atlas Moth (world’s largest moths) can be seen here.

The Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the western valley of Nelliampathy in the Mukundapuram taluk, the Thrissur district of Kerala. Some part of this sanctuary is located near the Peechi – Vazhani sanctuary and the rest of the part is located near the Parambikulam sanctuary. An artificial lake has been formed here by the dam across the Chimmini River. The Chimmini Wildlife sanctuary was established in 1984 and occupies the watershed areas of the Kunumali and Mupliyam rivers and is encircled by the hills. This wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 75 square km and the lake covers an area of 10 square km. The highest point, the Punda peak (1116 m) is located on the eastern side of the Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary. There are also various trekking trail paths up the rocks and into the forests of the sanctuary.

Some of the wildlife animals found in the Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary are Leopard, elephant, bear, wild pig, wild bison, tiger etc.


The climate here is very salubrious. Warm climate is felt from December to April and cold climate from May to November. Heat during March and April months goes up to 24° C to 30°C. Heavy rain is experienced during the month of June and July. The annual average rainfall is 2980mm. The temperature used to decrease to 15°C. Consequent on the construction of Chimmony Dam, an artificial lake has been formed here. This lake has an area of 10 sq.kms and a depth of 20m. This sanctuary consists of 10 sq.kms of evergreen forests, 15sq.kms of semi evergreen forests and 40 sq.kms of leaf shedding forests.

Vegetation in Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary

Palai, Punna, Vediplavu, Kalpine, Anjili, White Pine, Thampakom, White Akil, Pathri, Nedunar are the evergreen forests found in the upper part and trees like Vetti, Thetti, Kara, Narakom, Marotti, Cheru, Mullilavu, etc. are found in the lower parts. Manja Kadambu, Ayani, Elavu, Pongu, White teak,

Manimaruthu, Kanakkaitha, Vakkaplavu are some of the semi-evergreen forests found in the Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to reach Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary

By Air:
The nearest airport is located at Kochi (Cochin) which is about 50 kms.

By Rail:
The nearest railway station is located at Thrissur, about 35 kms.

By Road:
This wildlife sanctuary can be easily reached by Amballoor (12 km), located on the Ernakulam – Thrissur road.