Kannur Dharmadam Island

Dharmadam is located in the Kannur district. This place is located four kilometers from Thalassery. This place is privately owned island. The area is 2 hectare and it lies hundred meters from the mainland. There is lush vegetation all over the place. There are Tall coconut palms and dense bushes. The place is an ideal tourist destination. You may walk along the beach and it will be great experience. The name was given Dharmadam and it is taken from Buddhism.
The best time to visit here is from October to May. You may reach this place very easily though the International airport in Kozhikode. This is also called as Karipur International airport. This is located 93kms away. The Kannur railway station is located 15km away from the place. Once you reach here, it is easier to reach the place and you might catch a taxi.

Muzhappilangad beach is another place that you may visit during your visit to Dharmadam. You might easily drive to the place. There are a very lengthy row of coconut trees that will accompany to the lovely beach. You might sunbathe on the beach. The beach is also great for swimming.