The Rayiranelloor Mountain

Rayiranelloor Mountain was the dwelling place of Naranath, the mad. It was a serene and beauteous piece of nature located at Naduvattam near Pattambi, Palakkad district in Kerala.

It was from Rayiranelloor Mountain that Naranath had obtained the vision of Devi on first day of the month of Thulam. The mountain has 500 feet height and has a width of 300 acres. Thus place where he got the vision was transferred to a temple without an icon of Devi, but had the footprint of the Goddess forming a pit. It was on this pit, where the Goddess shrine was made later. The pit was an incessant source of water and the water level in it never went down. So that enough water could be taken to hold ‘Poojas’ and ‘Archanas’.

The temple is on a flat land of about six hectors on the top of the Mountain. Thousands of people outside and inside Kerala visit the place to have blessings from the Devi on every 1st day of the month of Thulam in every year. People believe that climbing the mountain on that day would provide them with many blessings such as marriage, birth of children, cure from diseases etc. The man who held the enshrinement was Naranath, the mad. Once when Naranath, the mad was meditating in ‘Branthachalam’, two kilometers west of the temple, he saw the Goddess (Devi) swinging on a Banyan tree and he proceeded towards her. But when he reached near her, she disappeared leaving a pit. He held ‘poojas’ over there. It was to this mountain that Naranath, the mad rolled up huge stones. On reaching the top he used to roll them down and burst out to laughter. It is said that he had done it by raising statue of Naranath, the mad at the south-west corner on the mountain peak. It is the result of architect called Surendra Krishnan. Along with the 18 feet height statue there is a symbol of the huge stone which Naranath rolled up to the mountain also.