Kerala Kalamandalam

The Kerala Kalamandalam is a remarkable place for arts education and performance. It is the premiere public institution in India imparting training in and conducting performances of the classical arts of Kerala, namely Kathakali, Koodiyattam, Mohiniyaattam, Thullal and Panchavaadyam. 

Founded in 1930 by renowned poet Padmabhooshan Vallathol Narayana Menon along the banks of the river Nila in the Cheruturuthy village, this institution has a glorious history of 79 years, in the service of arts and has produced some of the finest and most revered performers of the day. 

Vallathol, together with the legendary musician Sri. P.K. Narayana Pillai and the illustrious Mohiniyaattam exponent Smt. Kalyanikuttiamma, took great efforts to provide a nurturing environment to these classical arts amidst the destruction of the feudal Kerala society of that time and give them a fresh lease of life. 

Kalamandalam has had the benefit of a number of distinguished teachers who were considered the last word in tradition in their respective art. Some of the founders and senior teachers are still with the institution, passing on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation. 

Although mostly steeped in the pure tradition, change has been a constant at Kalamandalam in various ways concerning research, use of modern technology in training, performances, institutional management and public relations. Its success in preserving the traditional legacies while embracing change moves many to consider Kalamandalam a model cultural institution in the world.

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